Friday, December 24, 2010

12 Days: Two Yippee Kay-yay's

What's more in the spirit than saving a building full of hostages (including your wife)?

Oh, that's right, throwing Alan Rickman from a building, that's what.

Now you might again have problems with this being a Christmas film, but we must remember that 1) it takes place during a holiday party and 2) it's exactly the kind of thing you want to find yourself watching during the Christmas season.  I mean, John McClane even sends a note to the terrorists that says "Ho Ho Ho" (followed with "now I have a gun", but still).  Plus, for an action movie, this goes above and beyond.  Twists everywhere, with plenty of fleshed out characters to keep the movie moving.  And you can't forget that everyone likes Carl Winslow (oh, sorry, I mean "Al Powell", as he was known before transferring to Chicago).

All I know is that if I ever meet an Agent Johnson from the FBI, I think it'll be hard to keep a straight face.

This movie gets a solid 10 of 10, but for Christmas I'll knock it back to an 8 (even though I still think all holidays would be better off with a dead Gruber).

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