Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12 Days: Five Red Ryders

I bet I can make you say something in your head: You'll shoot your eye out!

Not only did you say that in your head, I'm sure you heard it in both Ralphie's mother's voice and his teacher's voice singing it to him.  Not just any movie can do that.

Everyone was there as a child, wanting the one thing they seemingly would never get, dealing with parents and bullies (and teachers and santas), and all the while just waiting for that one miraculous morning where they might find what they want under the tree.  Meanwhile, the family itself proved that not everything in the "good ol' days" was nearly as wholesome as our parents would have us believe.  Not to mention there are so many great things this brought into pop culture:  fudge (which isn't fudge), soap poisoning, "electric sex gleaming in the window", triple dog dares, and a smiling roast duck.  There is no way this isn't a classic, and is one staple which no Christmas should be without.

This gets a superb 9.5 out of 10 for any time of year, and only doesn't have the 10 because I'm saving it for something else.

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