Saturday, September 24, 2011

Six O'Clock - TV Hour

Here we go, because I didn't want to write a real post, instead I'll give you my take on this past week's news:

  1. Devil Went Down to Georgia: I don't know if Troy Davis was guilty (though it's hard for me to believe he wasn't given the amount of times the details were looked back into), but I can tell you that Lawrence Brewer sure was.

  2. Busmageddon: The sky is falling, the sky is falling! Note: if someone does get killed by the falling satellite, I'll fully revoke my sarcasm and apologize. If not, I'll continue to think the media is slightly beyond sensationalist.

  3. What's a Grecian Urn?: You've got a month, so you'd better get your shit together. Seriously, I've always been proud of being Greek, but now I'm almost embarrassed (almost, it's still pretty awesome overall). Also, the answer to the question is: Given their economy, nothing.

  4. c++: CERN announces neutrinos went faster than the speed of light. Either their data is wrong, or the physics we know is wrong. I personally hope for the latter, as we can only learn while we disprove. We've gone through many theories, and this won't be the last one which is proven wrong.

  5. Facepalm: Facebook, your changes make me want to give you up so bad. But you have the current monopoly on my friends, so I can't (yet). Now that's Google+ is open though, let's see if I can move them over there.


  7. The Muppeteer: We miss you Jim Henson, but at least there's always YouTube for Muppet goodness.

  8. Schweddy Balls: Great sketch, even better ice cream name. Ben and Jerry, you rule.

  9. JUST TAKE MY MONEY ALREADY!: iPhone's on its 5th generation. Shouldn't it assimilate itself into our culture by now, getting fat and lazy like all good Americans. I'd never buy this thing, but on October 5th (or 8th or whenever it is) I'm sure the Apple stores will be packed with fanboys and sycophants (assuming there's a difference). I'll be enjoying a nice day outside, using my Nexus S on a network that never drops my calls...

  10. Bases for your Buck: Moneyball, great movie, and given that I don't follow the sport, none of it was ruined by knowing what actually happened. Also, props to the A's for picking up Justice. I remember when he played for the Braves, and he was awesome.

  11. Tis the Season Premiere: Fall TV has begun, with all new episodes of your favorite sitcoms and dramas. I have high hopes for TV this season in general, based on the couple premieres I've seen so far. (Sorry Steve, but the new Office proved they don't need you to be a good show)

  12. End of the World: Not cool, REM, not cool. Though I guess if you have to quit, it's better to do it before you start fighting each other. I'll just return to rocking out to Orange Crush.

Final Note: "give you my take" is a really weird thing to say.

Friday, September 16, 2011

You Have Been Warned

I've been a bad writer the past few months (but Zous, you're always a bad writer). I had multiple ideas as to what to write about, and some of them you might've even seen pop-up in my feed because I scheduled them thinking "there, now I have a deadline". Unfortunately the deadline didn't mean anything and instead I just forgot about the posts completely. You're welcome, as I'm sure I saved you the horror of reading them.

Meanwhile though, I've been told to return to this, and as peer pressure is the wind to my house of cards, I gave in (for more examples of my lack of self-control, see my beard).

So if you're lucky, I'll be back. I'm thinking weekly at first, unless I come up with enough goodness to share with you more often than that.

Also, any pleas to stop writing will only be met with contempt, forcing me to write more out of spite.