Friday, December 17, 2010

12 Days: Nine Booby Traps

Ah, Kevin McCallister, the kid every child wanted to be.   What was better than being free from your family and being able to do whatever you want?  Nothing, that's what.  At least until you're found out and have to deal with a couple of misfit thieves.

This movie made children everywhere believe that they were smart enough to deal with the Joe Pesci's of the world (that's a lot more insane of a thought if you've see GoodFellas or Casino).  Even to this day though, it stands up as a good romp whereas most family films are too silly to remain fun.  The only other movie this kid-empowering was Hook (who didn't want to be one of the Lost Boys?)

Not only that, it had everything a kid needs: it shows that scary people aren't always scary, and teaches us that Daniel Stern is never to be trusted.

Another thing every kid wanted after seeing the sequel: A Tiger Talkboy.  A well-placed ad that doubled as a quick lesson reminding us of the difference between movies and real life (it's like Kevin was in a recording studio!)

No doubt about it, this is an 8 out of 10: a first-rate romp.

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