Thursday, December 23, 2010

12 Days: Three Rules

A prime example of when you get a present you should never have received.

This movie is a cult-classic; who today couldn't recite the three rules?  Not to mention inspiring the original Furby.  It was the perfect toy, everyone wanted a pet like Gizmo, plus instead of multiplying when getting wet, they just broke!

Plus it taught us that you must always follow directions, because who knows when your failure to do so turns one of these cute creatures into a homicidal killing machine.

It even got a sequel, who's only saving grace was realizing it couldn't take itself seriously.

However, a thriller/horror for the holidays isn't always great, so while I'd give it a 8 of 10 normally, for Christmas it gets a 7.


  1. My God did they ever break! I frickkin' blew through those things. And they stank 'cuz they emitted ozone. in fact, I may or may not have broken multiple Furby's by trying to spritz them with room freshener or perfume... I'll never tell.

  2. I got lucky, turned mine in as defective once it broke, got it replaced with DK64 (thank you Wal-Mart)