Saturday, March 12, 2011

Extra Day!

On that note: It's time we got rid of this "Spring Forward" thing.  No one likes it, but it's just something we've all agreed to do so we can get that extra hour in the Fall.  I know, you'll talk about Daylight Savings and how it saves power or is good for farmers or whatever other nonsense.  I honestly have never read any studies for or against it and doubt I ever will, so save your breath.  Instead, let me use this time to suggest we drop a day from the calendar, say from August (that month doesn't deserve 31 days and we all know it), and instead of "Spring Forward" we have a new 23-hour day which exists on some weekend in March.  Just some extra 23 hours which exists between one Saturday and Sunday.  We'll call it "Extra Day" (you don't like it? watch me not care) and there'll be parades and celebrations and everyone'll get laid.

Side note: check out my timestamps, these two posts shouldn't exist. I AM MASTER OF TIME AND SPACE! NONE CAN ESCAPE MY WRATH!

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