Friday, December 3, 2010

New Look

I decided to try out a new theme.  This one has everything I want.  It's called Suffusion, and it's beautiful.  Simple layout, crazy amount of customization.  If you don't like something and think it'd be better, let me know and I'll try it out.  Although honestly you shouldn't waste your breath (fingers?) because I'd never actually take feedback from any of you people.  For that, I'd need some sort of contact page, wouldn't I?  Maybe, some day, if you wish really hard, and believe that it'll actually affect my decision-making process (currently: roll a die, and then do nothing), I'll make one and then simply post an email which goes nowhere (like putting a "Suggestion Box" label on a trash can).

Really, $10 says no one notices this (that's less than 5 pounds for our friends from the isles), because it's not like anyone reads this but me.  If they did, I surely scared them off by now.  Also, if I found out people were actually here, well I'd become self-conscious and go on another multi-month idling-spree (as if anyone would believe it's not simply because I'm lazy as hell).

Hm, I just thought of something: People take talking to yourself as a sign of mental imbalance (nice way of saying "cuckoo"), and yet diaries and the such have always been around.  I'm sure Anne Frank wasn't insane, although she had plenty of reason to be (poor taste? possibly; truth? definitely).

Apparently, the theme has also brought out a bit of my subconscious (no it hasn't), because I seem to have become smitten with commenting on my own writing (something like that).

Another sidenote, WordPress thinks "that'll" is a misspelling.  It also doesn't seem to like sidenote (but that's where all the good info is).  Sorry WordPress, but I can't be bothered to add a space just because you want me to.  I have lots to do (like sit here) and little time (only 5 hours more).

If someone does notice this, well, we never shook on it (yes, I'm that cheap).

Final note: posting at 3 AM might not be prudent (though if I can come up with a word like prudent, maybe I should do this more often).

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