Wednesday, December 15, 2010

12 Days: Eleven Things Gone Wrong

Next up is the favored misfit family, the Griswalds.

Through movie after movie they remind us of how lucky we are not to be them.  Christmas Vacation takes it further: everyone deals with family drama around the holidays, so why not have a family who's drama outdoes our own in hilarious ways.  What the other movies in the franchise did for standard family vacations this one brought home by showing the entirety of the Griswald clan.  No matter how dysfunctional Chevy Chase made it look, Randy Quaid made him look like small potatoes.

I partially blame this movie for the trend of "quirky family" Christmas comedies we've endured the past 20 years, but once you do it as well as Christmas Vacation did it, you can't help but expect crap to follow in it's wake.

Either way this is definitely at least a 7 of 10 on my scale.  Always a classic for the holidays.

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