Friday, September 16, 2011

You Have Been Warned

I've been a bad writer the past few months (but Zous, you're always a bad writer). I had multiple ideas as to what to write about, and some of them you might've even seen pop-up in my feed because I scheduled them thinking "there, now I have a deadline". Unfortunately the deadline didn't mean anything and instead I just forgot about the posts completely. You're welcome, as I'm sure I saved you the horror of reading them.

Meanwhile though, I've been told to return to this, and as peer pressure is the wind to my house of cards, I gave in (for more examples of my lack of self-control, see my beard).

So if you're lucky, I'll be back. I'm thinking weekly at first, unless I come up with enough goodness to share with you more often than that.

Also, any pleas to stop writing will only be met with contempt, forcing me to write more out of spite.

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