Monday, April 4, 2011

Activity? What?

You might be asking yourself how I've suddenly become an active poster. It's because I finally found this wonderful thing called "Schedule" in WordPress. It gives me the power of time-travel! I can write something in the future and publish it in the past (lame), or write something now and publish it in the future (awesome!).

Obviously, you're not surprised it exists (nor am I). What does this really mean? You're reading a post that was written weeks ago! Yes, weeks! And yet somehow it's like I just published it now! See, it's like how I can mention <INSERT CURRENT NEWS> or <INSERT CURRENT CELEBRITY GOSSIP> even though this was written weeks ago. Without scheduling, those would be old news, but now it's like this whole thing was written just yesterday! (note to self: develop topic-insertion plugin, then retroactively apply it to this post, something you can do with the power of scheduling!)

Thanks to this though, I can prep a few posts each time I sit down instead of trying to work towards a deadline for each. Then the deadline is for me to look back over the posts and reomve any glairing tyops I might have msised. A much better way to do this.

I've assumed up to this point that whenever I've said "You" I'm actually only talking to myself. I don't just mean in this post, I mean the entire blog. However, I'm going to break from that concept for one short moment: If you, the reader, are not me, then I'd like to apologize for wasting precious moments of your life. Surely there are better ways to spend your time then reading my semi-coherent ramblings. I can only hope you get some sort of schadenfreude-ish joy from this.

Now that I've fed my delusions, back to standard operating procedure. You are me; other "possibilities" are pure fantasy.

And you/me can expect to continue seeing quality like this thanks to the magic of WordPress!