Saturday, August 7, 2010

Graduation, Greece, Goodbyes, and Google

Three months ago to the day I graduated for the second and hopefully last time. It was finally over, my stay at Georgia Tech. I want a shirt with Tech Tower on it that says "I went to Tech for 6 years and all I got was my Masters Degree."  That's all I feel like I'm missing.

I told myself as soon as it was done that I'd have time to work on all those projects I never found the time to do.  Unfortunately, I fell back into my rut of procrastination as I had one more major thing to do at (or near) campus: move out.  Something which should take 12 hours at most always seems to take days on end for me because I simply don't want to do it.  I pack a little here and there, then find some way to stop packing.  Moving out was the first of many ends to that stage of my life, and I'm just not sure if I'm in a rush to get through it.  As soon as I was done though, it was time to move on to my vacation.

Vacation is a trip to Greece in this instance.  Greece is a wonderful place that I encourage anyone and everyone to visit (they need your money too).  I've learned two very important things while on this vacation: 1) A month is a very very long time to spend on vacation.  2) Vacations are best not spent in small, almost cramped spaces with 8 family members and only one bathroom.  Among all this however, I have still had a wonderful time and Greece is always a wonder; a sight you never get tired of.

Once I returned from Greece though, the whirlwind wasn't over.  I had two weeks to find and pack everything I wanted to take with me on my trip to my new home: San Francisco.  Couple that with the fact that, in those two weeks, I had to make the rounds to say goodbye to friends and family.  After all, when you live somewhere all your life and then up and move 2500 miles away, it's not simple.  It was good times to be had, and a reminder of all the friends I have, but I can't say I won't miss them.  It brought to mind all the things I did in Atlanta, and moreso all the things I didn't get around to doing there.  But that's not important, as it's better to be off on a new adventure then stuck in an old rut.

This was followed by a long road trip west.  Now that I've moved and (mostly) unpacked, I'm overwhelmed with my new location.  The Bay Area is both the same and completely different; so much denser than Atlanta yet, if not in San Francisco itself, very suburban.  There are so many people, everywhere, all the time.  And Google is even more interesting than I could have imagined.  A company that almost feels more like an educational environment then a corporation.  It's about learning, doing, and having a good time of it.  This is something I can definitely get used to.

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